Power Driver I:S is an Ultimate Stamina Type beyblade. It would be owned by me.

Power Bolt : DriverEdit

The Motif is tattooed and it glows dark blue. It shows a blue skull with red flames. This is on a yellow power bolt.

Metal ring : DriverEdit

This ring is made out of metal. It is a round circle that has spike shapes that are around the ring.

Power Wheel : PowerEdit

Power has two modes. Infinite Stamina mode in which the wheel has Blues flames around the wheel. Forbidden attack Mode is when the blue flames are on the bottom and the wheel has small razor sharp spikes around the wheel.

Powered Bottom : I:S (Infinite Stamina)Edit

Infinite Stamina gives Power Driver a huge advantage. When it's not being attacked it keeps spinning.

Special MovesEdit

Evil Driver

This is Power Drivers first special move. This is when power driver gets on top of the other beyblade and spins ultra fast causing it to drill into the other beyblade. Then when the beyblade is cracked, the beast comes out and creates an explosion that smashes the other beyblade's beast defeating it, or damaging it badly.


Power Driver is a really powerful beyblade.