The Spirt of the Reaper. All will fear him.

 Ultimate Harvester FDS is a Horseman beyblade. His beast represents a grim reaper, one of the things in life you can't kill.

Enchanted Face Bolt: HarvesterEdit

The Enchanted Facebolt is grey with the grim reapers face on it. When the Skull move is released, the reaper is released.

Skull Ring: HarvesterEdit

The Ring is black with blue glowing skulls around in the circle. The Ring represents the portal to the domain of the reaper.

Enchanted Wheel: UltimateEdit

It is a metal ring that cannot be broken by anything. It is the only known wheel that can withstand Creeping Darkness AIOS. Ultimate feeds on darkness and when full, it can release bursts of reaper energy.

Spin Core: FDS (Forever Darkness Stamina)Edit

It is a medium sized tip that is made out of underworld metal. It gives Ultimate harvester the ability to spin forever because Ultimate Harvester has a job. To destroy beyblades when the time has come. So with forever stamina, Harvester doesn't have to stop.

Skull Move: Soul RemoverEdit

Ultimate Harvester jumps high in the air. A giant skull appears in the sky, then goes into the beyblade releasing the reaper. Purple light surrounds his sytche. Purple light then surrounds the sky. When his sytche is powered up, the reaper can destroy the universe and outside it in approxamitely 3 seconds. Back to the move, the reaper comes down and plunges his sytche into the other beyblade's spirit, causing purple light to explode. The other beyblade spirit is killed and the bey is destroyed completely.


  • The reaper only uses his special move if someone has been particuarly bad, or the time for the beyblade spirit to die has come.